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Internet has become a vital tool for customers to find out more about you and your company for business. You can come across certain information which is actually meant to mislead your customer. A page with negative comments about your company will make you to suffer a serious setback. Usually, negative listings are created by discontented employees or customers and this is a provision which is provided absolutely free by search engines where anyone can go and post their views about any product/service. You cannot remove negative listings from any search engine resulting pages but what you can do is, take these negative listings off the first page as nobody has time or interest to know what is happening in the succeeding pages.
Strategies we follow to rank positive listings higher:
LemonPeak uses online reputation management strategies to remove negative listings from the first page of any search engine and push them back. It has always been proved to be a tedious job for any company to improve its reputation, if negative comments become extremely popular.
We, at LemonPeak, know how Google works and we work accordingly to push back negative comments and restrict them from appearing on first page of search results. We create business profiles and page at social networking sites which help us to pull positive listings on the top of search engines. We create contents which are keywords oriented that also help us to rank positive listings higher than the negative ones.
How to maintain a consistent positive online presence?
To maintain the reputation, we work on link building to submit the content on various platforms. We work such that, you acquire austere positive online presence on the internet despite of periodic changes in Google’s methods of obtaining better results.
What they say about us!
Reputation Management is becoming one of the most important elements of any business and Lemonpeak does it impeccably for me.
- Jenniffer
Thanks to Lemonpeak for shielding the online reputation and promoting my business positively. I completely recommend them for all your bad reputation problems
- Mark Lewis.
We were targeted by our competitors with bad posts on scambook. Lemonpeak did a fantastic job in burying those comments that were fake and affected our image.(
- George Thomas.
Lemonpeak helped me get rid of some nasty comments and pictures posted by my ex-boyfriend.
- Dorothy M, Arizona.
Assuring the readers with at least a list of 12 positive listings landing on the first three pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing within 90 days on calendar of the campaign or 100% money back guarantee if you cancel your account