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What is RipOff Report? was actually constructed with a purpose of posting userís experiences whether they are good or bad about any company/product/service. It also has a policy that once the comment is posted, it cannot be either altered or removed by anybody, not even by the user himself. It is a tool which is actually meant to provide a guideline to clients to make a better choice.
How can it be exploited?
This tool is, however, being exploited by certain third party resources to mislead customers about a particular company. This is usually done by discontented customers or a competitor company. This kind of activities can abruptly stop the growth of a concern and deteriorate its financial status.
What do we do?
We, at LemonPeak, make use of SEO strategies to bring up your online reputation. The fact is, negative comments of RipOff Report cannot be altered but can be hidden from the eyes of customers. We push back the negative listings to the succeeding pages and compensate those with positive listings. Various SEO strategies are used here to get rid of negative listings by bringing positive listings ahead:
  • We create keyword oriented content that gathers positive listings on first page of search results.
  • We also create business profiles and page on social networking sites to bring positive listings on first page of search engines, pushing back the negative listings further.
We work according to specific needs of clients to bring up their online reputation and also to keep a strong positive online presence of clients, throughout.
What they say about us!
Reputation Management is becoming one of the most important elements of any business and Lemonpeak does it impeccably for me.
- Jenniffer
Thanks to Lemonpeak for shielding the online reputation and promoting my business positively. I completely recommend them for all your bad reputation problems
- Mark Lewis.
We were targeted by our competitors with bad posts on scambook. Lemonpeak did a fantastic job in burying those comments that were fake and affected our image.(
- George Thomas.
Lemonpeak helped me get rid of some nasty comments and pictures posted by my ex-boyfriend.
- Dorothy M, Arizona.
Assuring the readers with at least a list of 12 positive listings landing on the first three pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing within 90 days on calendar of the campaign or 100% money back guarantee if you cancel your account